DungeonSwap 3rd development log and updated timeline

Latest timeline of the development of DungeonSwap

What have we been doing lately and our latest progress?

First we would like to thank you for your prolonged support. We have been progressing at all sides including smart contract, game design & graphic design.

When can we expect the game?

So it comes to the question which our supporters care the most is the release timeline. Given the current progress, we expect to release the first open-beta version of the game around mid-late-July and an official launch in August. We hope to have your continued support and most-respected patience!

We can use your help! Let us know if you can make 3D models/ Vector graphics!

Are you proficient in 3DMax/ Spine Animation/ Illustrator/ Photoshop and interested in creating NFT with DungeonSwap? Reach out to us now at telegram t.me/dungeonswap_admin or send a email to admin@dungeonswap.app and we can discuss further!



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